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Issues Around Western Most Lake on Robinson
Posted on Jun 13th, 2015
At the request of residents in the area, the HPPOA Board contacted the City of Norman and our Councilman (Jerry Lang) and asked their helping in curbing some of the activities around this lake, most notably the creation of ruts, the destruction of private property (gates/fences/etc), and night time "activities". 
The City was very cooperative, and installed "no parking" signs, as well as "park regulation" signs which forbid after hours usage of the area.  The police department has also said they will increase patrols to  help in curbing the unwanted activities.  The police department asks that they be contacted when you see violations in this area. 
In case you were wondering - the City owns this lake and the other lakes within Hall Park.  There is also a small strip of land around the lakes that belongs to the city.  All other land adjacent to the lakes is privately owned. 
Thanks to the City of Norman for their great cooperation with this issue. 

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